Shelby Rose Photography

Release Form

I, hereby grant permission to reproduce any portion of the gallery delivered that have been taken by Shelby Rose Photography for the purpose of SELF USE and or SELF PROMOTION publications which can include but is not limited to, social media, websites and advertising, without any more compensation or recognition given to me. The final post production and editing styles, effects, and overall look of images are left to the discretion of the photographer. Permission granted for photographs/photoshoot listed below. Completion Schedule: Image processing and delivery takes approximately 1-2 weeks. Model is responsible for downloading and making a backup of all photos from the online gallery. I will make an attempt to keep archical copies of photos, but cannot not guarantee that they will be retained indefinitely. To conserve space, all images on the online gallery will be deleted after 60 days after your photoshoot has been uploaded.  If for any reason the model needs an extension or a renewal of the online gallery after the 60 days a $25 service fee will be charged. 

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